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In 2016, we began melding music, art, ecology, sustainability, and ancestral wisdom to create an unforgettable experience. PermaJam festivals are gatherings for our children and for the Earth. NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL at our festivals. Everything that manifests at PermaJam is medicine to help nourish our surrounding communities, and to help us remember who we are and +we come from. What we ask of everyone is to treat each other and the Earth with respect.

We hear the calling,  for a cultural revival, a return to our roots, breaking out of the mainstream that is influencing our children today. As conscious and aware humans unite, we have the power to build a harmonious foundation  we can flourish on, which starts with planting seeds for our youth. If we can’t provide the valuable wisdom, tools and skill sets our children need to grow, then how will future generations prosper?

his is a prayer to create prosperity for our communities and for the next generations. A prayer to thrive, a prayer for life,  for unity, healthy Water, Soil, and clean Air. The basic things that every human needs. A prayer for our children, and for beauty.  
We support First Nations people's and celebrate indigenous culture, and we feel  there is so much for all of us to learn from the ancestral ways. We invite all Nations to share in the prayer. Last year many who attended experienced a deep healing and a coming home. As we grow PermaJam will touch many more hearts and minds.
A lot of love and care goes into planning and organizing this event so that every woman, man and child can have an amazing experience. 

We promote a culture of Earth Stewardship, of responsibility and giving back to the land that sustains us. Our goal is to continue to build sustainable communities through organizing permaculture festivals. We’re building a model where those who attend may participate in transforming the landscape into a thriving permaculture system, and eventually help fund community projects around the globe. The concept is catching on with about a dozen locations asking to organize festivals on their land. And as with any growing organization, help is always needed. Get involved with PermaJam and become part of our team – make an offering of music, art, or a workshop; vend, sponsor, donate, or any way you wish to contribute. Send us an e-mail to

Last year, PermaJam Fam criss-crossed the southeastern United States for five weeks on our biodiesel bus, volunteering our hands and music at permaculture sites and intentional communities. Maybe next year we'll come to your town... 



Freedom 2 Fit— A 501(c)3 non-profit (charity) whose mission is to help individuals to make healthier choices by spreading creativity, healing, empowerment, and education; to expand access to holistic wellness & fitness programs which are free or affordable especially to populations considered to be at-risk; and to shape a culture that values health, well-being, and reciprocity.






Prior Permajam events have been extraordinary experiences. Permajam 2018 is going to top them all. We welcome like-minded vendors, practitioners, musicians, and artists to join us. space is limited apply today and receive updates as we bring together another amazing tribe.






Q: I have kids, is it appropriate to bring them to PermaJam? 
A: Yes, we encourage it! There will be special workshops just for them.

Q: Will there be food served onsite that won’t go against my beliefs or allergies?
A: Yes we have awesome vendors serving organic vegetarian and vegan options!

Q: What’s this I hear about free lunch?
A: We at PermaJam believe in food as a great community builder.  We will be offering free lunch each day of the festival from 12pm-1pm.

Q: Will there be food available for purchase?
A: Yes. Through our main kitchen and vendors that will be on site.

Q: Should I bring water?
A: If you’d like. We will provide potable water on site. Feel free to bring a good Water bottle.

Q: If I bring a cooler will I be able to purchase ice on site?
A: Yes ice is going to be for sale.

Q: Can I bring alcohol?
A: No. At the PermaJam Festival we embrace the magnificence of being sober and present. This a drug and alcohol free festival.

Q: Am I able to smoke on site?
A: There will be designated smoking areas in order to keep non-smoker attendees happy and the grounds clean. 

Q: When is the earliest I can arrive onsite?
A: Gates open at 10am  on Saturday, July 1

Q: What if I really want to come on Friday?
A: Unless you are doing a work exchange, you must come Saturday at 10am. 

Q: Can I camp overnight if I have a Single Day Pass?
A: Yes. Each Day pass is good until 10am the next day.  No exceptions.

Q: Can I camp next to my car?
A: We can not promise, but there are some camping spots that are car accessible.  It is a first come first serve situation, so please ask when you arrive.  No reservations.
Q: Can I bring my camper/RV? Is there a hookup for water or electric?
A: Yes you can. There are hookups for water or electric for an additional $20/day.