A Blog on Blogging

A Blog on Blogging

Blog is short for Blah. So keep it real. Make your point, show examples and emotion, make your point again, and if you can, include a picture that shows what you are talking about. Then you are done. It’s a blog not an essay.

For example:

This is a blog about life. Life is so amazing that I don’t know how to sum it all up in a blog. But I will anyway because that’s the point. Gloria Gaynor ain’t got nothing on me. I was so afraid my life would never get better a few years ago, that I even thought about ending it. And then I thought about my daughter, and the gifts that I had inside of me that hadn’t gotten out yet, and how bad it would suck for a girl not to have a dad. So I stuck it out. I went through the meat grinder of life, until I could see bone and gristle. I blamed myself and fell and got up and fell again. I saw all the problems in the world that I thought I could change, and I was really certain that this whole show was f’d up beyond repair, and that it was all pointless. Except there she was again reminding me it wasn’t pointless. There was something extremely specific about it that wouldn’t let up. It had to do with me, more than anything else “out there.”

At that difficult juncture, I started looking around for a place to live, outside of the city but close enough to see my daughter regularly. I already had an environmentalist streak, so I looked up all the intentional communities I could find around the NY area, and reached out. Except no one called back. A couple of months passed, and then finally the phone rang. “This is Jon Lee Rucker -- I see that you called…”

That call, and our meeting in Washington Square Park a few days later, marked the beginning of a great wave of change in my life. I didn’t know what I was made of when I met Jon. I had forgotten. I looked in Jon’s eyes when we met in the park -- and I could see him seeing me.

Jon said a word to me in that first call, the sound of which I knew deeply to be true, and a word that we have Joyously repeated endlessly since. Can we all say it together?


That thar is a blog. Short, sweet, evocative. Leaves ‘em hungry.

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