Q: I have kids, is it appropriate to bring them to PermaJam? 
A: Yes, we encourage it! There will be special workshops just for them.

Q: Will there be food served onsite that won’t go against my beliefs or allergies?
A: Yes we have awesome vendors serving organic vegetarian and vegan options!

Q: What’s this I hear about free lunch?
A: We at PermaJam believe in food as a great community builder.  We will be offering two community meals each day of the festival from 12pm-1pm.

Q: Will there be food available for purchase?
A: Yes. Through our main kitchen and cafe on site.

Q: Should I bring water?
A: If you’d like. We will provide potable water on site. Bring a good water bottle.

Q: Can I bring alcohol?
A: No. PermaJam embraces the awesomeness sobriety and presence. This a drug and alcohol free festival.

Q: Am I able to smoke on site?
A: There will be designated smoking areas in order to keep non-smoker attendees happy and the grounds clean. 

Q: When is the earliest I can arrive onsite?
A: Gates open at 5pm  on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Q: Can I camp overnight if I have a Single Day Pass?
A: Yes. Each Day pass is good until 10am the next day.  

Q: Can I camp next to my car?
A: We can't promise, but there are some camping spots that are car accessible.  It is a first come first serve situation, so please ask when you arrive.  No reservations.

Q: Can I bring my camper/RV? Is there a hookup for water or electric?
A: Yes you can. There are hookups for water or electric for an additional $20/day.