Jon Lee Rucker


The vision for PermaJam first came to Jon Lee as the answer to a prayer. He asked how he could serve the Earth and future generations to the highest. In 2015, with clarity from that vision, he began to unite people in walking this prayer together.  Also, lest we forget, Jon's one serious cat, or bird, depending on your perspective:  he is a prolific singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, bio-dynamic farmer, and a permaculturalist who loves to eat wild plants. 



UNLOK founder

Streetart Poet Prez

Gordon helps out in the words department and coined the term: UNLOK! as the rallying cry and philosophy embodied by PermaJam: to UNLOK is to tap into our substantial gifts now, to apply them creatively to the challenges before us, and weave a bridge from past to future, that transmutes genetic trauma into our own resilient compassion, service, and innovation.