Land Blessing Ceremony at Blossom Dell Sanctuary
to Jul 7

Land Blessing Ceremony at Blossom Dell Sanctuary

How can we generate an abundance of renewable resources, restore vital ecosystems functions, nurture solidarity, and create community cohesion & resilience? Request an invite to our fourth annual four day land blessing ceremony at Blossom Dell Sanctuary where we will create a safe space to explore these questions, learning from the land and each other as we manifest the world we envision in our hearts.

PermaJam is a bridge for EVERYONE to come back to the land, to find our true nature, and to collaborate together towards a vision of a Regenerative Culture and thriving planet. Permajam attracts people who care for the Earth, people who are fed up with humanity’s current way of life, people looking to connect with others to pave a new path forward. What we want is to feel that we are part of the solution, working with others, plugging into the movement in a way that will be practical and impactful on our shared future.

At Permajam we bridge ecology, sustainability, music, art, wellness, social justice and ancestral wisdom into an inclusive HOLISTIC Regenerative culture, re-weaving the web of life & interdependence through strong, healthy individuals, families, & communities re-learning what it means to be have a relationship with the land that sustains us.

Everywhere we look right now, our help is needed. How long will we wait? Come join us in this prayer for life as we discover how we can be of service to Mother Earth and our future generations. See photos of past events here.

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