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Back to Nature: Soul & Body Attunement Weekend

Return to our senses, attune with nature, and awaken the deep soul body wisdom within.

                                                 Step away and let yourself BE.                                                

We retreat because we have the opportunity for a life “reset," for meeting community that are going through similar LIFE changes, and for going deeper into learning about alignment of your mind, body, and soul.

We have a great teacher- Mother Nature and our retreat is centered on helping us all attune to Her rhythms, teachings, and the wonder that is our earth mama. We will use her elements as our guide and awaken our senses to receive the wonder. When we attune our bodies and our minds to nature, we get this reset naturally.

·       Foraging, wild edible and medicinal plant identification walk

·       Nature Attunement Walk-Using our 5 senses to connect with Nature

·       Sweat Lodge

·       Yoga and Breathwork

·       Fire Circle and Song

·       Full Moon Ritual


Friday - (afternoon/early eve)

·       Yoga/hike and set up camp

·       Opening Circle (Prayer, Participants intro themselves with weekend intentions or feelings)

·       Dinner

·       Fire, Music and hang


·       7:30am yoga- Camille

·       8:30am opening circle and review of the day, “Set the tone”

·       9am Breakfast

·       10am Nature Attunement Walk- Jon

·       12pm Lunch

·       1:30pm class: Regenerative Culture- starts with US: balance of right and left brain, body/mind integration, the elements, balanced feminine/masculine energies. (Camille, Jon, team in this active and engaging activity)

·       2:30pm- 4pm free time (swimming, hiking, nap)

·       SNACK

·       4:30pm Foraging, wild edible and medicinal plant identification walk

·       7pm Dinner

·       Circle/ Fire Ritual 8pm, Full Moon Prep with Chloe


·       8am yoga- Camille

·       Breakfast

·       Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony

·       Feast

·       Closing Circle during feast

Lodging: Camping, bring your own stuff or stay at a local airbnb or motel

Things to bring: Camping gear (tent, flashlight, natural soaps, toothbrush and toothpaste, pillows, sleeping bag, blankets, 2 towels, rain gear, boots, sneakers, hat, bug spray, sun screen, water bottle) swimsuit, sweat clothes (long skirt or sarong for women, shorts for men), musical instruments, journal

Things not to bring: Drugs or Alcohol

Cost: $200, $170 for Blossom Dell Members