Dan De Lion of of “Return to Nature

“Foraging for Wild Food and Medicine”

Join Dan for an insightful walk around the land to demystify the “wall of green” surrounding us.  He will teach you to identify many plants revered in the herbal traditions for healing ailments, as well as how to forage for nutritious wild food directly from the land.
We will sample the wild plant wonders Nature guides us to, and focus on methods to work with and prepare them.  Gain the skills and confidence necessary to utilize and work with the countless organic, fresh, local and free plant resources Nature continually provides.
Please bring a camera and notebook for recording the plants we find.


“The Alchemy of Vegetable Fermentation”

Join Dan De Lion to learn the artistry and alchemy to make fermented foods which are medicinal, delicious, and healing! We will explore the medicinal aspects and science to the methods of fermentation, well as the history and origins of fermentation, the metaphors that alchemy brings behind these practices, and the modern scientific understanding of the role of bacteria in human health and survival including options for vegetables, wild foods, and spices one can use in fermentation. Dan will give students a start to finish demonstration of how to make your own at any outdoor area or in your own home.