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Ecology, Permaculture, Music, ART, Wellness,

INDIGENOUS & Ancestral wisdom

We joyfully gather in celebration of life’s diversity and in our circle of shared responsibility we leave the land and community healthier than we Found it





PermaJam is a bridge for EVERYONE to come back to the land, to find our true nature, and to collaborate together towards a vision of a Regenerative Culture and thriving planet.

Our organization bridges ecology, sustainability, music, art, wellness, social justice and ancestral wisdom into an inclusive HOLISTIC Regenerative culture.

PermaJam is an intergenerational Life School, with activities throughout the year including the PermaJam festival, held for the last two years in Vernon, NJ, and now slated for the Blossom Dell Sanctuary in NY State. PermaJam has a long-term vision of creating permaculture festivals throughout the United States and the world, but we focus on the short- and medium-term vision of making our community stronger and closer to the land in a good way, like this:


Foster year-round community through ceremony, open-mic, wellness and family-style events


Come together at least once a year at the PermaJam Festival for extended weekend retreat and recharge 


Build community and relationships around the Elements of Life that make everything possible: we are humble to Earth and our High Calling.


Leave the land and our hearts better than we found them.


“Each one of Us has a Particular Magic, when we Believe and Act in Our Highest Joy”




In 2016, PermaJam began melding music, art, ecology, sustainability, and ancestral wisdom to create an unforgettable experience and a growing family affair. PermaJam festivals are celebrations of that 7-generation way of life that we have been called together to support, as conscious children and stewards of Earth. In keeping with that appreciative way of life, our events and the annual summer festival are drug and alcohol-free. PermaJam is medicine to nourish ourselves and our surrounding community, and we're ready for it.  We look to the elders who remind us of our value and purpose and duty to Earth.

We hear the calling for a cultural revival, a return to our roots, that breaks beyond mainstream influence in mass-society today. We know that only through our intentions and patient efforts may we build a harmonious foundation to flourish upon, in coming generations. We start with our youth. If we can’t provide the valuable wisdom, tools and skill sets our children need to grow in right relation, how will future generations prosper?

PermaJam is a prayer of gratitude for the prosperity in our communities now and for future generations. PermaJam is prayer to thrive, a prayer for life,  for unity, healthy Water, Soil, and clean Air. The elements of Life, things that every human needs. A prayer for our children, and for beauty.  
PermaJam honors First Nations peoples and celebrates indigenous cultures, knowing we are all here to learn and pray together in ancestral and evolving ways. We invite all Nations to share in our prayer. Feedback from previous festivals tells  that PermaJam fostered healing and "coming home." We grow PermaJam together with the intention to touch and learn with many more hearts and minds.

A lot of love and care goes into planning and organizing this event so that every woman, man and child can have a safe and amazing experience at PermaJam. 

PermaJam fosters Earth Stewardship as a way of life, and we are grateful for our responsibility to give back to the land that sustains us. Our goal is to continue to support and sprout sustainable community with permaculture festivals, that unite people with Land in continual ceremony. PermaJam festival has limited attendance, and is a community celebration for the ongoing permaculture and prayer activities on that land. Those who attend the celebration participate in transforming the festival landscape into a thriving permaculture system, with a goal to spread our support to similar community projects around the globe.

The time is right for PermaJam–our Ancestors and Grandchildren are counting on us. Get involved with PermaJam and bring friends and's always a Real Good Time. Participants will have the opportunity to share music, art, or workshops, as well as vend, sponsor, donate, or support the vision in other day-to-day ways. Send us an e-mail to to connect.

In 2016, PermaJam Fam criss-crossed the southeastern United States for five weeks on our biodiesel bus, volunteering musically and with permaculture support at sites and intentional communities along the way. Reach out if you'd like PermaJam to visit your town... 


Freedom 2 Fit— A 501(c)3 non-profit (charity) whose mission is to help individuals to make healthier choices by spreading creativity, healing, empowerment, and education; to expand access to holistic wellness & fitness programs which are free or affordable especially to populations considered to be at-risk; and to shape a culture that values health, well-being, and reciprocity.


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