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Land Blessing Ceremony at Blossom Dell Sanctuary

  • Blossom Dell Sanctuary 201 York Rd. Bloomington, NY USA (map)

How can we generate an abundance of renewable resources for our community and world, restore vital ecosystems functions, nurture solidarity, and create community cohesion & resilience? 

This 4 day camping event is a safe space for us to explore these questions, learning from the land and each other as we co-create the future we envision with our hearts and minds. 

This is the 2nd year of a 4 year Permaculture Prayer: -Year 1 - Observation -Year 2 - Design -Year 3 & 4 - Implementation

By now with help from the community of Blossom Dell, Hawk's Nest & PermaJam, we've observed this 125 acre ecosystem; we've learned about the bio-diversity; we've observed the community (social permaculture); we've improved the infrastructure including the kitchen, showers, trails, camp sites, and NOW we are beginning to formulate a whole systems design for Blossom Dell which is an on-going process. 

Those who attend this gathering will be invited into the creative process of envisioning this Thriving Ecosystem!


Thursday July 4th: 

   -9am-5pm - Arrive, Set Up Camp, Site Tours

   -6pm - Opening Circle and Fire Lighting 

   -7pm - Community Feast 

   -8:30pm-11pm - Sacred Fire Circle featuring

    Cacao Ceremony with Stefanie Frank 

Friday July 5th: 

    -8am - Breakfast 

    -9am - Morning Circle 

    -10-11:30 - Practical Herbal Medicine    

      Making with Rainé Ford 

    -10-11 - Qi Gong with Scott Winter 

    -11:45-1:15 - Living in the Caul 

      with Grandmother Sangoma Oludoye 

    -11:45-1:15 - Foraging Walk 

      with Mountain Man Dan Sheridan 

    -1:15-2 - Foods from the Forest (How to 

      Gather and Prepare Foraged Food) with 

      Mountain Man Dan 

    - 1:15-3:15 Or take a Break (Hike, Swim, Rest) 

    -3:15-4:15 - Break into Woman’s and Men’s 

      Circles (Harmonizing and Diving Deep) 

    -4:30 - Enter the Sweat Lodge 

      (Men and Woman separate lodges) 

    -7pm - Dinner featuring Shabbat Candle 

      Lighting Ritual with Rishe 

    -8:30-11 - Sacred Fire Circle featuring

     Special musical guests as well as 

     Shamanic Drum Journey with Timmie

Saturday July 6th:

     -7-7:45 - Qi Gong with Scott Winter 

     -8am - Breakfast 

     -9am - Morning Circle 

     -10-11:45 - The World of Trees 

       with Brandon 

     -10-11:45 - Breath and Sound: Portal to the

       Deeper Dimension Within

       with Giulia Eve Flores

     -12-1 - Ecological Consciousness: 

       The Metaphysics of the Human Being 

       with Andrew Faust 

     -1-3 - Break 

     -3-4:30 - Healing the Manipulated     

       Masculine and Wounded Feminine Ceremony

       with Sofiya Maria 

     -4:45 - Co-Ed Sweat Lodges 

     -7pm - Dinner 

     -8:30-11 - Sacred Fire Circle 

       featuring the music of Groweesha, 

       Chitra Singh and Jon Lee Rucker 

Sunday July 7th: 

     -6:45-7:45 - Yoga with Nataly Levich 

     -8am - Breakfast

     -9am - Morning Circle 

     -9:45-10:15 - Yoga Gaia with Hasita Nadai 

     -10:30-12 - We Are More Than Form   

     (Satsang) with Kiel 

     -10:30-12 - MycoAllies: Mushroom 

     Cultivation and Inoculation with Gil Lopez 

     -12-2 - Break 

     -2-3 - Intro to Field Study (Permaculture) 

       with Mountain Man Dan 

     -2-3 - Shakti Activation and Embodiment    

       (For Woman) with Angie 

     -3:15-4:30 - PDC: Permaculture Design 

       Circle with Jon Lee Rucker, Rainé and 

       Brandon, Back to Nature, Mountain Man, 

       Roman Perez and Blossom Dell

     -4:30-5:30 - Break 

     -5:45pm - Closing Ritual and Circle 

     -7pm - Dinner 

     -8:30-11 - Campfire, Hang Out and Jam 

       for those who wish to stay the night. 

Everybody Besides those who are staying to help clean up must depart by 10am Monday. 

This year we are changing things up quite a bit - everyone who attends will volunteer their time for 4 hours throughout the weekend, 2 hours every other day. This is going to be awesome! We will all have fun connecting with each other while we joyfully serve. 

You can volunteer in the kitchen, information booth, kids camp or clean up crew. We may have to move you around depending on the communities needs. 

If you’ve registered you will receive an email this week from our volunteer coordinator 

to sign up for your 4 hours for the 4 days. 

Email will include more detailed info about the event, what to bring, public transportation, etc.. 

if you are interested in carpooling let us know


Space is still available, please let your dear ones know and build this community word of mouth. 

If you haven’t sent your financial contribution yet please do so asap via PayPal to 
When you reserve your space you will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator to schedule your time. 

We will be serving breakfast and dinner, with support from our local organic farms! Includes vegetarian and vegan options. BRING PLATES, CUPS and UTENSILS

Coffee’s, teas, cacao and healthy lunches will will be available for purchase. There are local markets within 10 miles as well if you feel a need to go shop. 

Space is limited for 108 people. 

Contribution is $108-$333 based on sliding scale. 

(give more if you can, we support our organization through the generosity of our community)

To reserve your space please send your payment asap through PayPal to

(It’s very helpful to us if you don’t wait until last minute) 

If you have a vision of something you would like to offer at this gathering; if you have Medicine you would like to share; if you have questions; ride share or public transportation; or if you're interested in work trade (limited option);  send an email to

Things to bring: 

Bring your own plates and utensils! Camping gear (tent, flashlight, natural soaps, toothbrush and toothpaste, pillows, sleeping bags, blankets, towels, rain gear, boots, sneakers, hat, bug spray, sun screen, water bottle, swimsuit), sweat clothes (long skirt or sarong for women, shorts for men), musical instruments, yoga mat, cooler, camping chair. 

Things NOT to bring: Drugs or Alcohol