PermaJam and Blossom Dell are aligned by our missions and values: 

Blossom Dell Sanctuary is organized for the expression of indigenous spirituality and to provide diversified religious, spiritual and educational services for all peoples of all beliefs willing to live in harmony with the earth and all inhabitants in a sacred manner.

Blossom Dell is 125 acres with a clean sacred river running through 3/4 of a mile on the land in Bloomingburg, NY. 

It is a beautiful forest sanctuary for an incredible biodiversity of plants and wild animals, as well as several horses which also play a pivotal role in the ecosystem. 

Blossom Dell is home to Hawk’s Nest community led by Taino Chief Roman Guaraquaorix “Red Hawk” Perez. Hawk’s Nest hosts spiritual and cultural events on a regular basis while contributing to the ongoing work on the land. 

Read more about Blossom Dell, how to get involved, ways to support and become a member:



In 2018 PermaJam began a 4 year Land Blessing Ceremony at Blossom Dell Sanctuary. 

This ceremony is a Permaculture prayer, and it is the only one of its kind. 

It is a prayer for the future generations. A way that human beings can gather while leaving the land healthier and more abundant than when we arrived. 

 PermaJam Land Blessing Ceremony: 

Everyone who comes is participating in creating a Permaculture (permanent culture) - and thus by attending this event you are leaving something beautiful for future generations. 

The annual ceremony is held for 4 days. We offer a wide array of workshops, music, activities for children, yoga, meditation, hiking, foraging and we have indigenous elders sharing beautiful teachings. PermaJam is a bridge for many people to return to ancestral ways of living in harmony with nature. 

Each year is another phase of the ceremony: 

-Year 1: Observation

-Year 2: Design 

-Year 3 & 4: Implementation. 

Before we can create a design of this ecosystem we have to understand what Mother Nature and the elements are already doing there. 

We have to observe and ask a lot of questions like:

  • Where is the water flowing? 

  • What plant and animal species are living here? 

  • How can we increase biodiversity and strengthen resilience? 

  • How can we assist this ecosystem to grow and thrive, while providing maximum abundance for the human beings and all the other species? 

We also must observe the community’s strengths and weaknesses. How can we improve and design our Social Permaculture? 

-So Year 1 is all about learning and understanding how to integrate human beings into the ecosystem rather than imposing our system on top of it. 

-Year 2 is about using that understanding to create a Permaculture Design of the whole 125 acres. 

-Year 3 & 4 is implementation, so we are starting to do the work of creating the vision that we’ve designed. We are starting to build those structures, gardens, orchards, water catchment systems, etc. The people who are attending are participating in transforming Blossom Dell Sanctuary into a thriving EcoSystem! 


We invite the entire community into the creative process to come up with the best way to live and work on the land. We have to find a way to meet the human needs and wants with the minimum amount of disturbance to the ecosystem. We have to design stages to carry this vision forward over a number of years. We have to think ahead! 

Those who attend this 4 year ceremony are getting a great Permaculture education from observation to design to implementation. 

Our philosophy is that the problems we see in our world are a reflection of the problems within the human psyche. 

As we do this work together, of transforming the landscape we are also returning our inner landscape to its wholeness and integrity. 

Our 4 year model is healing for the land and the people! 


Want to join us co-create the next Land Blessing Ceremony at Blossom Dell Sanctuary?

Find out more or Write to us with an Introduction to Request an Invitation!